Sunday, July 26, 2020

A Triumphant Return To 'Both Teams, Both Halves' Betting

In August of 2018, I dedicated a couple of posts to an idea I came up with in which I placed Lucky 15 bets on football games to have both teams to score in both halves.

I ran with it for a few months, but ended up giving up. 

While looking back through the aforementioned posts a few days ago, I thought I'd give it another go seeing as the football leagues were about to be completed.

I bet on two Premier League games (Liverpool .vs. Chelsea and Manchester United .vs. West Ham United) and two Championship fixtures (Wigan Athletic .vs. Fulham and Luton Town .vs. Blackburn Rovers).

Seeing as I was only doing the bet for a flutter, I bet 25p a line. This meant the total cost of the Lucky 15 was £3.75. 

The result came my way in two of the matches. 

Liverpool versus Chelsea was 3-1 at half-time. The final score was 5-3 to the Reds. 

The other win came with Luton's 3-2 victory over Blackburn. The half-time result was 2-1.

The losing games saw Wigan .vs. Fulham and Manchester United .vs. West Ham both have 1-1 scorelines. 

I returned £41.75 from the wager. Not bad, eh?

Lucky 15 Both Teams, Both Halves

I thought I'd give it another go with a few upcoming games.

This time, I've gone with both teams to score in both halves in four of today's games. They are:

Arsenal .vs. Watford
Chelsea .vs. Wolves
Newcastle .vs. Liverpool
Swansea .vs. Brentford

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