Saturday, June 27, 2020

Selling Turnips: Week 10

I had another losing week when it came to selling turnips on Animal Crossing.

As noted earlier this week, I bought one thousand turnips at a price of 101 Bells per turnip. I therefore had to try to sell them off at Nook's Cranny for at least 101,001 Bells.

I checked in twice a day. Here's how it went from Monday to Thursday.

MON AM: 74 Bells
MON PM: 64 Bells
TUE AM: 60 Bells
TUE PM: 100 Bells
WED AM: 71 Bells
WED PM: 62 Bells
THU AM: 96 Bells
THU PM: 99 Bells:

I was using the turnip projector and, by Thursday, it was predicting I would get offers ranging from 91 to 142 Bells. I checked in on Friday morning and was met with:

Selling Turnips - Week 10

100 Bells...

I entered the offer into the projector and it once again came back with a forecast of 91 to 142 Bells. I decided it was time to cash in for the loss as I was unsure whether the next offers would be lower than the 100 Bells. All I knew was they would start at 91 Bells and had the potential of reaching 142.

Selling Turnips - Week 10

I was only down 1,000 Bells. 

It could have been worse. It sure could have been better.

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