Monday, November 18, 2019

A Prime Scam

I had an automated call from a scam company claiming to be Amazon Prime today. I played along with it to get some of the context.

It started off with the robotic voice telling me that my subscription to Amazon Prime was successful and then told me that - if I did not make the transaction - that I should press one of the buttons (I forgot which one!).

I didn't press the button. I held on the call to see if I was put through to somebody and it worked.

The man asked me how I accessed Amazon Prime. I knew it was them fishing to see if I was going to say a mobile phone, tablet or computer, so I thought of something else.

'I access it on my smart TV.'

He didn't really have an answer for that. Asked me to get on a computer so I could fill in the online form.

I ended up lying to him by saying I worked for Amazon and him accessing my computer remotely to fill in a cancellation form is not how subscriptions are closed.

He then asked 'if you work for Amazon why did you let me go on?'

My reply was a bit R-Rated.

Because I wanted to see what your scam was, you f***ing idiot.

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