Tuesday, November 19, 2019


After starting off the fantasy football season 7-0, my team has descended into a farce.

It's now at 7-4 following this weekend's games.

Here's one that really kicked me in the teeth.

My team was up against the San Francisco 49ers' defence. The 49ers scored a defensive touchdown with seconds left on the clock and moved my opponent a point ahead of me.

We both still had players left for last night's game (I had the Chargers' defence and he had the Chargers' tight end - Hunter Henry), but I knew the six points from the 49ers' TD would be what ruined my chance of a win.

And if there's any doubt, look at the score:

Fantasy Football Score

Had that TD not happened, I would have won by a nose.

The late touchdown didn't just mess with my week. The controversial score meant that some bettors who backed the Arizona Cardinals +10 or San Francisco -10 ended up with their wagers voided out.

That was obviously good news for those who may have backed the 49ers, but was a kick in the teeth for those who likely backed the Cardinals to cover the ten-point spread and were on their way to a W before the Cardinals' lateral was turned over for the score.

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