Monday, October 14, 2019

Yesterday's Win

On Friday, I published THIS POST in which I pointed out that the Seattle Seahawks were my favourite betting play of week 6's round of NFL games because they qualified for two betting angles I like to wager on.

The first thing I like to do (when I am compelled to bet) is look at the teams that played on Thursday night in the previous week as they have had more time to prepare for the following week's games. The second angle I usually like to look into is to see how the teams that played on Monday night fare as they have less preparation.

The unique thing about this week's game is the Seattle Seahawks - who played on Thursday in week 5 - were up against the Cleveland Browns, who last played on Monday night.

I thought Seattle was worth a bet. This turned out to be the correct call as the final score was 32-28. It was a close game, though!

It should be worth noting that the Los Angeles Rams also qualified for these betting angles. They played Seattle last week and were up against Cleveland's opponents from Monday.

I chose to ignore the Rams because they won both games against the 49ers last season, so I thought San Francisco would have had revenge in mind. Plus, the 49ers are on an undefeated streak so far in the 2019 season and I felt the Rams were incorrectly graded as the betting favourites to win that match.

My decision to pass on the Rams was another good call as the 49ers beat them 20-7.

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