Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Pennyworth In The UK

I've just found out that a DC Comics series that I wrote about a while back is set to be screened here in the UK.

One problem, though - it's going to be on StarzPlay, which is an add-on of Amazon Prime. This means I have to pay extra on top of my Prime subscription and that means I'm not going to bother.

Well, it's a no as of right now. This stance can, and probably will, change.

I'm not even sure I'll end up liking the programme. It's called Pennyworth and it's all about who would end up becoming Bruce Wayne's butler - Alfred Pennyworth.

Sean Pertwee was a great Alfred in the last Batman-inspired TV series - Gotham, so whoever is playing him has huge boots to fill.

I'm sure I'll end up watching it. Eventually.

The programme will begin streaming on the service later this month.

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