Friday, October 25, 2019

The Hole

The streak could be over.

As I wrote earlier this week, I am currently 7-0 for the year in the fantasy NFL league I am a member of. I was going to come up short sooner or later by having a losing week, but it could be as soon as this weekend.

The reason why I feel like this? Well - how about checking my opponent's score after last night's Minnesota versus Washington game to see that he has 51.40 points.

That's the hole I am currently in.

He has earned those points from three players - The Minnesota Defence (16.00), Stefon Diggs (12.30) and Dalvin Cook (23.10).

Nobody on my team played last night.

The good news, from last night's game, is my spreadsheet made two correct calls by recommending Washington to cover the 16.5 pointspread and the total to be under forty-one points.

The final score was 19-9 to Minnesota.

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