Monday, June 10, 2019

Birthday Spoiler

Here's a story about me failing to avoid Gotham spoilers.

Episode five of the fifth season was on last night. As I recorded it, I decided to watch it this afternoon.

While watching the opening few scenes, I noticed the name of an actor that I hadn't seen before - Shane West.

I didn't think anything of it other than it was a name I hadn't been aware of before.

After watching the first forty minutes of the episode, I decided to turn it off to watch later on tonight and picked up the iPad to browse the Internet.

The iPad popped up its 'IMDB Born Today' and, funnily enough, it listed Shane West as having a birthday today.

I clicked on the picture to make sure it was him and then it told me he was indeed the actor from Gotham.

And it also told me the character he portrays ends up being Bane!

This might not be a spoiler for comic book hardcores, but it was for me.

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