Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Mourinho News Stories

Yesterday's football news story that caught my attention was about Jose Mourinho being linked to Newcastle United.

'Ughh,' was my thought. Not because I don't think Mourinho would do a bad job with the Toon. It's just that I believe the talk of a takeover at Newcastle United could just be that. Talk. I'll believe the club has been sold from Mike Ashley the moment the club has been sold from Mike Ashley. Been there far too many times to believe anything to do with Newcastle changing owners until the ink has dried.

Now.. onto today's football news story.

Apparently, Mourinho isn't ruling out a third spell as Chelsea manager.

If the Newcastle stories made me go 'Ughh', this one made me go UGHHHHHHHHHH.

The latter part of his second stint did a lot of damage to his legacy at the club. A third might end up being too much.

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