Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Getting Ready To Rampage

It has been a tradition to dedicate the 13th of February blog posts to remember the day my uncle passed away and - for the past two posts - I've written about Rampage.

Not mainly about the movie. Well, not yet anyway.

In 2017, I noted that a movie based on the computer game - Rampage - was in production. I pointed out that this was one of the first two games my uncle and aunt bought for my Commodore 64 when I had it one Christmas.

I followed that up in 2018 with a post where I wrote about Rampage once again. That time, I mentioned the second game that was part of the two-punch present that Christmas - Firetrap. In the game, you had to play a firefighter with a waterpack on your back as you ascended the outside of a skyscraper to put out the fire and save the residents and their pets.

The reason why I mentioned Firetrap is because Dwayne Johnson had started to film a movie about a skyscraper on fire. It wasn't tied to the Firetrap game. I did find the coincidence amusing, though.

As for today's post - I haven't watched either of these movies so feel that I might give Rampage a try sometime today.

And when I do, I'll leave my thoughts below:

Well, it's just after 5PM and I did in fact manage to watch the film this afternoon.

Thinking at all of the Dwayne Johnson movies that I've seen before today (and to be truthful, I haven't seen as many as I should have considering I'm a wrestling fan!), this is right up there as one of the best.

In the video game, you have the choice to control three giant monsters - a gorilla, wolf or a lizard and have to do as much damage to skyscrapers as you can. You also have to avoid being hit by army tanks and helicopters. 

In the movie, the main 'monster' is George the Gorilla who is a gorilla that is an attraction of the San Diego Zoo - where Johnson works. The animal comes across a substance that genetically modifies him and he becomes a giant with anger issues.

As the stories continues, another two genetically-modified animals show up (yes, one is a wolf and the other is a lizard).

Oh, and there is a scene where the wolf is referred to as what he's called in the computer game - Ralph. I don't know if the lizard was named in the film, but - in the game - it's a she and her name is 'Lizzie'.

Anyway, the three animals are summoned to Chicago by a sound wave and all three cause damage to the buildings. I cannot recall if they fight one another in the game, but - by the end - George has been saved by an antidote resulting in him helping Johnson to rid the Windy City of the other two nasties.

It was a fun movie to watch today and reminded me about how much fun I had playing the game. There were times when I thought about how a younger me would have enjoyed the movie way back when the game first came out!

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