Thursday, February 14, 2019

Flacco The Bronco

Yesterday's big NFL story for yesterday was the news that Joe Flacco will be traded from the Baltimore Ravens to the Denver Broncos once the new league year begins next month.

Flacco, who won a Super Bowl with the team in February of 2013, will move for a fourth round pick.

I read a lot of criticism of the move. They were pointing out that the Broncos' General Manager - John Elway - has, barring the signing of Peyton Manning in free agency, a bad track record in picking quarterbacks for the team.

In a way, I kind of agree. 

Flacco has been eclipsed by many quarterbacks in the league and was even eclipsed by Lamar Jackson in his own team. The latter is a reason why the Ravens have decided to move on from him.

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