Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Calamity Tuesday

I had quite a disastrous day yesterday.

It started off with a tub of yogurt falling out of the fridge and onto me minutes before I was due to go out. Then, later in the night, a similar fridge incident occurred when a tub of coleslaw dropped out.

Things turned worse an hour or so later when I tried switching on my laptop. It kicked off by finishing an update that had started when I closed things down the night before.

Once it had completed, it asked me to choose my keyboard. I did. Then I had to try and progress to another part of the update and I couldn't get anywhere else.

There was no backup in the memory. All I have now is a black screen on the desktop along with a recycle bin.

It's dead.

I've tried looking online and it seems that there are many in the same boat as me. It's so frustrating!!

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