Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Constantine Will Be A Legends Regular Next Season

I found out yesterday that DC's Legends of Tomorrow has been renewed for another season.

This wasn't the best part of the news. What I also found out when reading about the renewal is that John Constantine will be a regular character on the new season when it airs over the autumn.

Constantine is an exorcist who showed up in Arrow a few years ago. He has also appeared in a recent episode of Legends.

Anyway, after watching him in Arrow, I spent a few weeks watching Constantine's own series - Constantine (Obviously!) - on Amazon.

The series only lasted one season, but a cartoon of it was made recently with Matt Ryan, who played the live character also providing the voice.

I'm looking forward to seeing him regularly. It's a shame he wasn't around for all of the current season because there is a spiritual kind of theme going on this year and it would have been a perfect fit to have him in for it for the long haul.

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