Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Rampage, Firetrap And More...

It has been fifteen years ago today since my uncle passed away.

Since starting this blog in 2006, I've always kept this date free to write a few words about him.

Last year, I wrote about how he had bought me the video game Rampage for the Commodore 64 one Christmas and noted that Dwayne Johnson was filming a movie based on the game. Funnily enough, I also mentioned that my uncle also bought me a game about a skyscraper on fire - Firetrap - along with Rampage so it came as a a surprise to see that Johnson's latest movie, which was advertised during the Super Bowl, involves him running along a burning Skyscraper! The film isn't based on Firetrap, but I thought it was a a cool coincidence to mention today.

I really wanted to do the Rampage tie-in last year. This forced me to move back something else I wanted to write about. In a way, it kind of worked out well because certain things I wanted to remark in 2017 happened again - numerous times - in the past year.

One of the last conversations I had with my uncle was about his businesses. He told me a story that I've kept to myself since that day, but it has often passed my conscious thoughts whenever I've had to deal with the businesses I have dealt with over the past five years.

There have been many, many things that I have had to do where - in the back of my mind - I've wondered to myself how my uncle would have handled certain situations if he was in my position.

It bugs me sometimes knowing that I cannot ask anybody else for advice, so I find myself doing what I think he would have done.

I like to believe I'm doing okay with this approach!

Fifteen years.. it sometimes seems like only yesterday...

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