Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Revenge Of The Cold Callers

A new round in my one-man fight against cold callers was recorded this morning.

Early this morning.

I was in the middle of a peculiar dream and heard ringing. The sound was not part of the dream. It was real-life dragging me back to consciousness via the second telephone line in my home. 

A telephone line that seems to only ever be used by - you guessed it - Mr. Cold Caller.

I lay there waiting for it to stop so I could get back to sleep. It was shortly before 8AM, so I had an extra half an hour to get to dreamland and back. 

Only, the ring wouldn't stop.

Irked, I jumped out of the bed and marched into the room. I picked up the receiver ready to deliver the verbal KO and..

Dead line.

Have to give 1-0 to the cold caller for the early round. Victory over me is very rare, it was the time of day that threw me off my game. Don't expect me to lose round two!

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