Monday, July 04, 2016

The Twin Peaks Marathon Has Been Run

I finished the Twin Peaks marathon yesterday.

I had embarked on the mission to rewatch all the episodes again before Now TV took the series down. I wanted to catch them before the series returns in 2017.

The last time I watched Twin Peaks was when it originally aired on TV over here in 1991. I remembered bits of it, but not all of it. I vividly recalled the episode when Laura Palmer's killer was revealed (no spoilers here, even though it's 25 years ago!) as well as the final episode.

I have to admit, I did start thinking to myself 'wow, this must have been when the series jumped the shark' only to then correct myself with the thoughts 'nah, this is where it went downhill'.

I'm intrigued to see how the new series will go. The show did start losing viewers in its original run - that's why they seemed to have rushed the unveiling of Laura's killer in the middle of season two.

Anyway, my mind has been refreshed now. I just have to wait until next year.

The next series that's on my watch list is Ray Donovan. I have until September 1st to watch the first three seasons. Season four is beginning soon, if it hasn't already. I might have to keep that one on hold until next year, though. My goal is to complete seasons one to three as of right now.

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