Sunday, January 29, 2017

Another Fortitude Post

After going on about it a few weeks ago, I finally found myself watching the first episode of the new season of Fortitude.

I will end up sticking with it now, but it's a game of wait and see what happens. I felt like I wasted ten hours of my life in 2015.

For some reason, Now TV has all of the episodes available to watch on the iPad. I was tempted to sit through them all in one go, but thought that it must be an error. I could end up watching a handful of episodes before they are pulled and then have to wait weeks to catch up with the story. Or rather the story to catch up to me.

A similar thing happened over Christmas when I binged on a show titled Quarry. I got to the final episode, but turned it off for the night. When I returned the following day, there was one episode there!

I now have to wait until the final episode airs over here before I can complete it.

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