Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Kimbo Slice Dies

I woke up to the news that Kimbo Slice has passed away.

Slice was one of the MMA fighters I wrote about quite a lot back in the early years of this blog. I found his rise to fame quite intriguing and followed his career into mixed martial arts. Admittedly, I did so from an angle where I thought he was more a gimmick experiencing his fifteen minutes of fame.

He was a street fighter who ended up becoming an Internet sensation after his battles were viewed by millions on YouTube.

From there, despite being a polarizing figure among fight fans, he headlined events for numerous MMA companies. 

His most recent fight was in February when he took on Dada 5000 in what I predicted would end up being a car crash fight. Kimbo won that night. However, the result was corrected to a no contest days later after it became apparent that Slice had failed his pre-fight drug test.

Ironically, Dada 5000 ended up in hospital following the fight and it has been reported that he died numerous times before being resuscitated.

And now just months later it's Slice who has passed.

I think this could end up being  a fairly big media story in the coming days due to how much of a mainstream and household name that Kimbo Slice had become before he even entered professional MMA and boxing.

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