Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Defending Big Brother (But Not How You Think)

I hate Big Brother with a passion. Have disliked it for years.

And I'm going to surprise myself here by defending it. However, I'm not going to stick up for it the way you think I am.

I'm going to defend the Big Brothers of the past. The early editions of the series.

From the times I watched it back in the day, the show had an eclectic mix of people from all walks of life. Tuning in nowadays, I see none of that.

It's the same old crap every launch night nowadays. All near the same age. Some could even pass to be on the Celebrity edition of the show. The bar has been set so low, they really could.

I'm embarrassed to even write this today because I really did dislike it back then. I abhor it a hell of a lot more now.

For those of you wondering why I hate it so much yet still watch the opening night year after year, the answer is simple: I'm doing it to see what the odds are for each entrant.

There is method to my madness.

I'm unsure whether there's a method to the producers' madness...

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