Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Premier League Season Handicap Winners 2015/16

Now that Manchester United and Bournemouth have finally played the final Premier League game of the 2015/16 season, I can finally put the season handicap table to bed.

As I knew a few days ago, Leicester City were the overall winners with a total of 123 points. The team had been given 42-points at the start of the year. Their league triumph carried over here.

In Sunday's post, I went over the top four teams in the Championship, League 1 and League 2. Below is the full Premier League season handicap table for 15/16. The extra points that were given to each team at the team at the start of the season are in parenthesis.

  1. Leicester 123pts (42)
  2. West Ham 97pts (35)
  3. Watford 92pts (47)
  4. Tottenham 91pts (21)
  5. Southampton 89pts (26)
  6. Bournemouth 87pts (45)
  7. Stoke 83pts (32)
  8. West Brom 83pts (40)
  9. Sunderland 83pts (44)
  10. Swansea 81pts (34)
  11. Norwich 79pts (45)
  12. Arsenal 77pts (6)
  13. Crystal Palace 77pts (35)
  14. Everton 75pts (28)
  15. Liverpool 75pts (15)
  16. Newcastle 75pts (38)
  17. Man Utd 73pts (7)
  18. Man City 69pts (3)
  19. Aston Villa 60pts (43)
  20. Chelsea 50pts (0)
As per usual, I'll have a post over the summer where I look forward to the upcoming season. If you're new to season handicap betting, click on the 'Season Handicap Betting' tag below this post and it'll show you all the posts that are specific to this topic.

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