Friday, May 06, 2016

Out Of Luck?

I have never bothered watched the NFL's Top 100 Players programme, but this year's edition started this year and it's already gotten off to an controversial start.

Or has it?

The series ranks the top one hundred players of the most recent season. The people who are in charge of setting this ranking are NFL players. Decent idea, eh?

Anyway, Andrew Luck was in at number 92 this time. In 2015, he was number seven.

It's easy to understand why he came in at this position. The Indianapolis Colts' quarterback had his worst pro season to date. He missed most of the year through injury.

The positioning on this year's ranking has brought out the nay-sayers who now seem to have jumped off the Luck Train and say he isn't a 'franchise quarterback of the future'.

I hope he's reading all this and will come back this year. Let his physical presence and ability cast a shadow over all of the doubters.

Yes, I'm biased.

Andrew Luck will be the Comeback Player of the 2016 Season. You read it here first.

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