Saturday, May 07, 2016

Terry Sees More Than Red

How gutted must John Terry be feeling right now?

The Chelsea skipper, who will leave the club at the close of this season, was given a red card in the late stages of today's 3-2 loss to Sunderland.

With Terry having already been red-carded already this year, he's set to miss the next two games of the season.

For those not keeping score at home - there are only two games left in 2015/16.

He'll now miss what would have been his last away game as a Blues player at Anfield and will also be absent for the Stamford Bridge finale against this year's Premier League Champions, Leicester City.

So, just to sum things up:

He missed the penalty to win a Champions League one year.

He then was unable to play in the game when the team did win the Champions League.

He's now unable to play in his own swansong game.


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