Friday, May 20, 2016

Prayers Answered Two Years Too Late

It seems my prayers have been answered.

Sort of.

You see - a little over two years ago - I published a post titled Bored & Away where I complained about the number of new characters that had been dumped upon us in Home and Away.

It seemed that the producers had introduced too many newbies into the programme to make room for the loss of regulars.

I know there's a cycle with soap operas but this seemed a little too much even for Home and Away.

If the upcoming storylines are anything to go by, it seems that the problem I had two years ago fixed itself.

Two of the characters have been killed off in Australia a few weeks ago and a few of the others are set to leave.

If you had told me this two years ago, I wouldn't have seen a problem. I do now as I  have gotten used to these characters in that time.

The good thing is they seem to be filtering the newer characters in at a rate I am happy with. I don't feel like they've thrown a load in at once.

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