Monday, September 28, 2015

An Ugly Win

The Indianapolis Colts are now 1-2 for the 2015 season after picking up a win against Tennessee Titans yesterday.

The game finished 35-33, so it was an ugly win.

As a Colts fan, I am used to entering the season with hope that the team will win the Super Bowl. I'm not feeling it this year.

Something isn't right.

And what hasn't helped is the fact that head coach - Chuck Pagano  - has more or less hinted animosity between he and management.

It's never a good thing for a coach to be in a position like that. It screws with the psychology of the players if they believe they're playing for a coach that is on a short leash.

The only positive I can take from the 1-2 start is that this is how the team kicked off last season and they were one game away from making the Super Bowl.

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