Sunday, August 23, 2015

Want Some Irn Bru & Bubble Gum Flavoured Fudge? I Wouldn't If I Were You..

A number of years ago, I read an article online about a fudge maker that makes Irn Bru flavour fudge. It intrigued me.

I somehow remembered all about it years later and did a search around for the seller. I'm unsure whether it was the same company but I found Irn Bru flavour on the website.

The company also had bubble gum flavour. I had to try that, too!

The items arrived a week or so later...

They looked bad. Smelled even worse.

I could only muster up the courage to cut a small slice of each. Both tasted disgusting. I haven't eaten any more. 

What was also hideous about this experience was the fact that, even though I threw them out, I could still smell them in the air days later. 

It was not a good purchase at all.

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