Monday, August 24, 2015

Walkers Bring Me Back Campaign

I read the other day that Walkers are bringing back some old flavour crisps with the intention to run a vote where customers can get one of these varieties back on the shelves permanently.

According to the article I read, the crisps being brought back for this promotion are: Barbecue, Lamb & Mint, Toasted Cheese, Cheese & Chive and Beef  & Onion.

Here are my thoughts on the five:

1) I did like Barbecue but didn't really notice they had gone!

2) Lamb &  Mint? I don't know if I've eaten these. If I had they evidently weren't memorable. Was it in one of those special contests before? I don't know.

3) Toasted Cheese - I don't recall having these ones either. Some crisp expert I am! I wouldn't mind trying them, though.

4) Cheese & Chive Walkers were not as good as the Pringles

5) WHAT!? Beef & Onion actually went? I did not know this and I will bet all the money in the world that this is the flavour that returns.

Oh, and the next important bit - whenever they decide what stays, one of the voters gets £100,000. Not bad at all.

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