Thursday, July 09, 2015

Testing My American Football System On CFL Football: Week 3 2015

The FPT System went 6-0 in week 2 of the 2015 CFL season. That's 11-3 so far. Not bad, eh?

With that stated, I have a feeling things will start going awry as there are some results this week that I am uncomfortable with.

Here are this week's projections.

Ottawa @ Edmonton

The system has it down as a tie with the total amount of points set at 42.

Recommended Picks:
Ottawa +5.5
Under 45.5

Montreal @ Winnipeg

This is the one I have a bad feeling about. It has Montreal winning by 4 and the total at 58.

Recommended Picks:
Montreal +3.5
Over 52.5

Saskatchewan @ BC Lions

We have Saskatchewan to cover with a win by four points and the total to be 50.

Recommended Picks:
Saskatchewan +3.5
Over 48

Toronto @ Calgary

The system has Toronto winning by 2 and the total number of points at 56.

Recommended Picks:
Toronto +6.5
Over 52

That's four underdogs. I'm glad I'm not betting on these because I can't shake off the feeling that this will be the weekend when the good run ends.

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