Monday, March 23, 2015

Sign Time

Apparently, today is the day Brock Lesnar has to make his decision.

Does he stay with WWE beyond next Monday or not?

The current WWE World Heavyweight Champion has been having a Mexican stand-off with his employers over the details of a new contract.

The suggestion is that he's either stalling things to head back to the Ultimate Fighting Championship or he's using the UFC to leverage a better deal from WWE.

I can't really guess who's got the upper hand here.

WWE sort of has to know what's going down with Lesnar as this Sunday's WrestleMania main event finish could be dependent on how both sides move forward.

If Lesnar is waiting to see what UFC has to offer him, then his job today is to ignore the deadline and hope the WWE deal is still on the table down the road.

I'd like to see him re-sign with WWE only because it might lead to the company keeping the belt on him for at least another night.

And in no way is this a knock at Roman Reigns. I don't mind if he leaves Mania with the title.

In my mind, I'd like to see some sort of a double turn with Lesnar becoming a babyface on Sunday leading to him getting the W against a heel Reigns only for Seth Rollins to ruin things either at the close of the show or the following night on Raw.

But, that's just me fantasy booking.

With a bit of luck, we'll get a better idea - albeit subtly - with the way tonight's episode of Raw plays out.

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