Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bale Out?

I keep reading news stories about Gareth Bale coming back to the Premier League this summer.

The two landing spots - according to these reports - are Manchester United and Chelsea.

United seems to forever be linked to the Welshman. It's only just recently that I seem to catch 'Bale to Chelsea' stories.

In a way, I'd like him to continue on at Real Madrid. However, he appears to have upset a lot of people (namely the fans) in Spain, so I would not be surprised if he does end up back over here. 

If this does end up being the case, United is where I'd like to see him play.

Don't get me wrong, him joining Chelsea is intriguing. It's just him as a Man U player would be even more fun to watch, in my opinion.

We haven't really got that long to wait. The end of the season is only just two months away and then we'll have a summer full of transfer gossip to digest. 

It's bad enough now with the window closed.

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