Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Neighbours Is 30

The Australian soap opera, Neighbours, celebrates its thirtieth anniversary today.

I haven't followed the show for many years. However, I still happen to catch an episode here and there when I am getting dinner ready in the evenings.

It's definitely not the same as it was back in its heyday.

The 1980s and early 90s was Neighbours' boom period, if you will. Back then everyone seemed to be Neighbours crazy. I remember there was a Neighbours board game, at least two sticker collections and annuals among other things that the producers tapped into to vertically integrate the name.

Another thing different from then to now is the gap between Australia and us. The Aussies had an eighteen-month lead over us and it was always fun to read the spoilers when we were kids.

Daphne's gonna die in a car crash! 
Kerry Mangel is gonna to get shot by duck hunters!!
Charlene is going to be eaten alive by a crocodile!!!

The last one didn't happen, but I vividly recall someone telling me that one.

Nowadays, they're only a fortnight or so ahead. The reason - I believe - is down to the soap opera taking time off during Christmastime.

I might end up watching the anniversary celebration episodes as a host of former characters are set to return for the event. It'll be interesting to see who they bring back.

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