Tuesday, June 17, 2014

They Should Do 2 MITB Matches In Two Weeks

With the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship going to the winner of the Money in the Bank ladder match on pay-per-view in less than a fortnight, it got me thinking - I hope the company decide to have two MITB matches on the show.

With the main match winner becoming champion immediately, WWE fans will miss out on the up to a year of speculation on when a Money in the Bank victor will exercise his immediate title shot.

Having a person carry the briefcase around for days, weeks - and often - months is one of the things that makes the Money in the Bank ladder match one of the most popular matches in WWE. 

Without question, they'll a gimme storyline if they don't have somebody doing that this year.

If they do decide to have a second match on the card, tonight's edition of WWE Raw is the most opportune time to announce it. 

I can't see them doing so next Monday with just a few days until the show.

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