Monday, June 16, 2014

Lego Simpsons

I spent part of yesterday watching Youtube videos with my four-year old nephew.

One of the things he likes doing is watching clips of people opening their Lego toys and there was one that astounded me.

There are Lego sets based on The Simpsons nowadays and the video I watched had a boy opening a large box of the Simpsons' home.

The kid must have taken out ten bags of bricks, if not more.

They showed him put the model together in fast-motion. God knows how long it actually took. I wouldn't even like to guess. The only justice I could give it is to say 'it must have taken hours'.

The finished item looked spectacular. There's so much detail to it. I was very impressed.

However, I wasn't impressed enough to want to have my own.

It was hard enough seeing the lad putting the thing together!

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