Tuesday, February 18, 2014

'Hall' Of Fame?

Scott Hall has been teasing on Twitter that he could be soon announced as appearing in this year's World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame.

Apparently, he is on the list so he could be named as soon as tonight's episode of Raw, which begins in an hour from the time this gets published.

I hope he is in the 2014 class. He deserves some sort of recognition for his career and this year would be great considering he has done an excellent job of keeping clean from the alcohol and drugs that have plagued him.

He and 2014 Hall of Famer, Jake Roberts, have been in the care of Diamond Dallas Page who has done a superb job in their fight.

Other names on the list that have still to be announced are Mr. T and Paul Bearer.

I wouldn't be surprised if Bearer's inclusion will be revealed next week to coincide with the return of The Undertaker.

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