Sunday, February 09, 2014

WWE Over The Edge 1999 On The WWE Network

Earlier this week, I found out that World Wrestling Entertainment's Over The Edge 1999 pay-per-view will be available to watch on the WWE Network.

Many of you will know that this was the show where Owen Hart fell to his death after a stunt went awry.

When I saw the event on the list of shows that will be viewable on demand, I thought it was an error on behalf of the writer who had compiled the list.

I was wrong. The event - which never did get released on video or DVD since that tragic night - will certainly be there on launch day, albeit not the full version.

WWE will edit out all of the references made by Jim Ross following the accident. The fall was not caught on camera as it occurred during the airing of a pre-tape. A later acknowledgement made by Ross informing the viewers that Hart had passed away is also expected to be removed.

As someone who watched the event live on pay-per-view, I somewhat feel the PPV being available is unnecessary. In my opinion, there's no enjoyment seeing people wrestle in a ring where their colleague had just died in.

Morbid, but oh so true.

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