Monday, May 16, 2011

Switching Off BGT

It finally got to me on Saturday night.

I hit the OFF button on the remote control near the end of Britain's Got Talent.

To quote Owen Hart - enough was enough.

And it's definitely time for a change.

The angles in the current series are the most ridiculous ever. I think we've had the good old one where the judge (I think it was Amanda Holden both times, actually) halt a performance in mid-flow and ask if they 'have another song'.

The first song, having bombed, is then replaced by a great second performance.

Not for me, though.

I work on averages. If song one was crap and song two was good, the performance was mediocre.

The storyline that got to me the most on Saturday night was the final act - The Highwaymen.

The drumming group put on a fairly good performance. The crowd loved them and as did David Hasselhoff. Amanda Holden and Michael 'out of my depth more than Hasselhoff' McIntyre did not think the act had legs so both decided to vote against them.

Everyone was shocked.

The scriptwriters weren't.

Following jeers from the audience members and protestations by Ant and Dec, the group were brought back onto the stage. Amanda Holden began the 'You're the fourth judge' bullshit to the audience and reversed her 'no' vote. I'm pretty sure Michael McIntyre did but I had given up on it by then.

The entire series has been a strike out. It seems they are relying too heavily on faux-controversy this time around. Even the weekly 'Simon Cowell is coming back to save us' storyline is getting monotonous.

Maybe it's time we gave the show its third and final X.

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