Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More On That QPR Situation

Queens Park Rangers dodging a points deduction is still annoying me. However, it is Swansea City that are bothering me the most now.

The Swans - on Saturday - announced that they would not contest the Football Association's ruling on the two charges brought against QPR. Then, not even a day later, they noted how they were looking at it again and may make an appeal once they see how the play-offs fare.

In layman's terms - 'if we win promotion to the Premier League, we'll save the legal fees and go up. If we don't win in the play-offs, we'll try and get some form of compensation.'

That's pathetic.

If it was any of the other clubs in the play-off zone sitting in third place at the close of season, they would have done what was right.

Swansea want to take the gamble, though.

So be it.

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