Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Who Is Right?

I was in the shop yesterday morning and saw a headline on the front page of one of the newspapers claiming that Britain's Got Talent had a drop in ratings this past weekend.

As I was in a semi-rush, I made a mental note to check the story when I got back to a computer.

When I finally remembered, I did a Google search and was met with two contrasting headlines.

Headline one read - Dramatic ratings slump for 'Britains Got Talent' without Cowell.

I clicked the link and read that ITV bosses were concerned with the drop from last week. The BBC, on the other hand, were celebrating as Dr. Who 'enjoyed peak ratings this weekend, with seven million viewers tuning in'.

'Fair enough,' I thought until I read the header of the article two on the search.


The article pointed out that Britain's Got Talent beat Dr. Who in the ratings which I have a hard time being sold on as they weren't head-to-head at all on Saturday evening. The same article did note that BGT did indeed see a significant drop in viewers from the first show last week.

I suppose it's all about spin but shouldn't the story be that both channels should be concerned about these figures?

I never watch Dr. Who but did like the previous series' of BGT and am still not sold on the chemistry between the new judging panel. I wouldn't blame anyone else for thinking the same and deciding to stay away.

But, at the end of the day, a talent show should be about the talent and I'm sure that - once the live shows and Simon Cowell return - there will be an upswing of sorts.

As for Dr. Who - I wouldn't worry about that show tanking, either.

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