Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thoughts On The WWE Draft

WWE did another draft on Monday night. Here are a few of the newsworthy picks and my thoughts on them.

Randy Orton to SmackDown

A move that was prompted after Edge's sudden retirement. Orton will be the lead babyface on this show now.

Sin Cara to SmackDown

Needed to have been done. Sin Cara - despite his incredible agility - is not ready to be working on live TV just yet. With SmackDown being a taped show, his errors can be cut out before his matches are aired.

Rey Mysterio to Raw

I guess this was done to keep him and Sin Cara apart.

Alberto Del Rio to Raw

This was interesting but predictable. Del Rio vs John Cena is the rumoured main event for SummerSlam in August so it made sense for him to move to Raw.

John Cena to SmackDown

This shocked me at first. Then, once Randy Orton was also drafted to SmackDown, I guessed there would be a swerve at the end of the show.

The final move on Monday night was:

John Cena to Raw

Yeah, he lasted all of two hours as a SmackDown draftee.

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