Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tough Enough 2011

WWE Tough Enough has become one of my favourite television shows.

The show is a reality-based programme where a handful of wannabe wrestlers learn the ropes while living in a house. A contestant is sent home each week until there is an overall winner.

Yes, it's your typical reality show so I am guessing a lot of it is done for the camera. With that said, however, I love it.

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin - the host - is brilliant in his role. The final ten minutes of each show, where he has to choose one of the bottom three contestants to leave, makes for great television.

His promo work shows how much he is missed on regular WWE television.

Other stars featured as trainers on the show are Bill DeMott, Trish Stratus and Booker T. With Austin, I think these four compliment each other and are a perfect combination.

The series doesn't air on UK television so I've been watching it via Youtube and Daily Motion.

It's well worth hunting for.

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