Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who Will Induct Shawn Michaels?

There seems to be a lot of speculation on who will induct Shawn Michaels at Saturday night's Hall of Fame ceremony.

Michaels himself noted that he had two names in mind when he was asked during a recent radio interview.

Here are a number of names, not in any particular order, who would be ideal:

Kevin Nash
Is good friends with Michaels after the pair were on-screen accomplices/enemies from 1993-1996. The two were also key members of the notorious backstage group 'The Clique' that had Vince McMahon's ear and had a strong influence on the way the company booked matches during that period.
Chance - Never say never. Nash did return for one night only at the most recent Royal Rumble.

Scott Hall
Another Clique buddy. Had one of Michaels' most outstanding matches at a WrestleMania when the pair wrestled in a ladder match in 1994.
Chance - Unlikely.

Triple H
Was also a member of The Clique but has had an even longer on-screen partnership with Michaels. The two were original members of D-Generation X, have feuded and have reformed DX in recent years.
Chance - The most likely choice.

Ric Flair
Michaels' hero, friend and also the wrestler that Michaels retired at WrestleMania XXIV. He has since returned to the ring in TNA and is therefore employed by a different company.
Chance - Would be good but I can't see it happening due to his ties with TNA.

Bret 'Hitman' Hart
One of Shawn Michaels' most famous rivals. Both hated one another during the years when both were the top guys in the then known WWF. Michaels and Hart will always be remembered for the Montreal Screwjob when Vince McMahon 'screwed' Hart out of the title after the Canadian refused to drop the belt in his home country.
Chance - Michaels did say years ago that he would like Hart to induct him because it would be an honest induction. It is likely as well when you consider the two made peace in January of 2010.

The Undertaker
Another of Michaels' famous foes. The pair competed in back-to-back classics in the previous two WrestleManias. They also wrestled an amazing match in the first ever Hell in a Cell match in October of 1997.
Chance - No way whatsoever. The Undertaker gimmick is protected and he has never appeared out of character in any of the current day Hall of Fame ceremonies.

If I had to make one pick out of this list, I'd go with Triple H. It's the safest option.

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