Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Go Home Show

I was in my living room yesterday afternoon and was scrolling through the on-screen cable TV guide looking to set it to record a television show I liked the look of when a thought crossed my mind:

I had better record Raw down here just in case the computer decided not to.

And how right I was.

I woke up early, went to the paper shop, returned home, made my breakfast ascended the stairs to sit at the PC ready to watch last night's episode of Raw - possibly the most important show of the year as it is the final one before WrestleMania - and the computer hadn't recorded it.

So, it was the living room for me.

The episode wasn't wrestling heavy but it was great in that it built up the main matches on the Mania card.

The segment between The Undertaker and Triple H did an excellent job in readiness for their encounter this Sunday. When Shawn Michaels' music hit and The Heartbreak Kid appeared, I was thinking 'isn't it too late to have him announced as a referee?' Apparently that was the plan from the start. Ultimately, he wasn't brought in as ref but was there to show that he doubted Hunter would end The Undertaker's WrestleMania streak.

I don't think Michaels is alone on that one.

The final angle to end the show featuring The Rock, John Cena and The Miz was, to steal a line from Miz, awesome.

It was great seeing The Rock interact face-to-face with these two. Sure, the entire Rock versus Cena war of words has been confusing over the past number of weeks as it seemed to leave The Miz as the third wheel going in to WrestleMania.

Cena left the angle the stronger as he did the F.U. (I refuse to call it anything else) to The Rock as the show went off the air.

I am very much looking forward to how this one plays out. I can see The Miz retaining on Sunday but The Rock will certainly be involved in the finish somehow. I guess it all depends on what plans they have going forward with The Rock.

Cena versus Rock at next year's WrestleMania? I wouldn't bet against it!

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