Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snowed Off

At the end of last week's coverage of NFL on Sky Sports - analyst, Nick Halling, made his annual assumption that this weekend could be the last time UK viewers would get to see Brett Favre play.

It's been going on like this for many years now.

And each year, I believe it but then the pre-season comes and Brett Favre is getting ready again.

It seems more certain that this year is going to Favre's last.

But, we've already seen his last game to be played on UK television (barring a return in 2011).

Following a snow storm in Minneapolis, the game that was set to be played this evening has been pushed back to Monday.

The New York Giants were unable to fly into the airport and have been stuck in Kansas City since yesterday.

I have a bet on the Giants so I am not happy with the disruption to their preparations. It's a damn shame I can't change my bet because I would do so in a heartbeat. My confidence in a Giants win has waned since I heard the news of the postponement.

Damn snow.

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