Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Foley Conspiracies

Mick Foley's latest autobiography - Countdown to Lockdown - was released in the United States yesterday and has been promoted on WWE's TV programming and its website.

There are many theories why a TNA performer was mentioned by WWE and, in today's post, I'm going to throw in a few theories which may or may not have been the reason behind the promotion.

A Movie
Foley has recently tweeted that the rights to his first book, Have a Nice Day, have been picked up a film company. WWE would probably have to be involved with it in some form or fashion because they may own a lot of the copyrights that would be needed to tell the story accurately. Them trying to get on with Mick Foley be one of the first steps towards them working together on this film project.

Is the TNA contract is due?
I'm not sure how long Mick Foley has left on his current TNA contract but this may have been a sign from WWE that they are happy to do business with him again if and when his contract is up for renewal.

Hall of Fame concerns
It's possible WWE threw out an olive branch to Mick Foley because they are running out of marquee names to headline their yearly Hall of Fame events.

Vince is on a legends kick
Bret Hart was recently honoured at a house show in Madison Square Garden. It was regarded as a success and Vince McMahon is reported to be interested in doing similar appreciation nights down the line. Mick Foley in MSG would make sense due to the story about him hitchhiking his way to the building and seeing Jimmy Snuka diving from the top of the cage.

You scratched our backs, we'll scratch yours
This one possibly makes the most sense. Foley has made positive comments in the press concerning Linda McMahon's Senate campaign. With all the talk about wellness issues stemming from concussions and the like, Foley could have been a strong voice against the campaign. Instead, he endorsed the McMahon in her aim to win a Senate seat.

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