Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Books Versus Audiobooks

I got my first audiobook the other day.

And I won't be getting any more.

I signed up for an audiobook website and had a choice of any book from their catalogue.

I picked Bobby Robson's autobiography and spent the rest of the afternoon listening to it. I enjoyed it but I would have preferred to have spent a few afternoons sitting there reading the physical book.

I'm stuck in my ways.

I've written on here before how I still buy CDs because I like having something to show for the purchase. Downloading the songs to a computer or MP3 player is easier and immediate but having a case and inlay booklet to hold is part of the experience.

Well, to me it is.

Going back to books - I am also refusing to join the e-reader revolution.

It may be easier but I would rather have a proper book in my hand any day.

I won't budge, either.

There is no way I will give up proper books for the electronic version.

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