Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mike Shaw

Mike Shaw, who wrestled under many aliases throughout his wrestling career, passed away over the weekend after suffering a heart attack.

The first time I heard of him was when he wrestled for the NWA/WCW as Normal the Lunatic. His character was that of a mental patient who would often carry around cuddly toys.

If you thought that gimmick was bad - his WWF tenure introduced an even weirder one.

Bastion Booger.

In an eerie coincidence, I was reading the latest back issue upload on the Wrestling Observer website and this particular 1993 edition noted how the Booger character was debuted on TV and lost to Virgil.

I wasn't an insider fan back then but I remember being confused when the newer wrestler lost. He did, however, get the win back the following week.

I cannot even explain what Bastion Booger was meant to be. He wore the most ridiculous ring attire and looked grotesque.

I guess the gimmick was he was that - grotesque.

The last memory I have of Booger was when he had vanished from my television and he showed up on the West Country news (for some reason we couldn't pick up HTV Wales in the living room).

He was on a tour of England so was doing promotional work. Had they set any dates for Wales, I probably would have gone.

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