Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Coral Refused A £10 NFL Bet!

Coral used to be one of my favourite bookies.

Not anymore.

This isn't something that started today, but something that did happen earlier has wound me up and really has made me reconsider giving them any more of my money.

I have been planning to place a bet on Indianapolis Colts' new head coach - Frank Reich - the Associated Press' Coach of the Year at the end of the season. The odds on this are 28/1 and, if I have to be really honest, it is a longshot as the Colts' season rests on how well Andrew Luck comes back from his season-long layoff. Anyway, all I wanted to do was place a tenner on Reich.

I decided today was the day I placed the wager. I logged into my account, selected Reich and then tried to stake £10.

My bet was sent to a trader before it could be accepted.

Fair enough, I thought. I've won enough from them on WWE wrestling that I'm not surprised that I have any wagers referred to the staff.

After a short wait, I was told that they had rejected the £10 request and gave me an option of staking £3 on the coach.

That's an insult.

There was no way the company - that rakes in billions, might I add - was going to have anything less than £10 from me.

Think about it. It would have been a  £280 loss if I ended up fluking with Reich getting the accomplishment in early 2019.

They didn't want to have a £280 liability.

A billion pound company did not want to let little old me beat them for £280. It's eyerolling.

In my opinion, the company has become a joke.

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