Monday, May 28, 2018

About Bale

I really enjoyed watching Real Madrid's 3-1 win over Liverpool in the Champions League final on Saturday night.

Gareth Bale, who is one of my favourite players (yes, I'm biased), was GREAT.

It's interesting to see what happens with Bale at Madrid. After the match, he voiced his displeasure at having started the game on the bench. He more than proved that he was in form and deserved to start with that performance.

There's talk of him going to Manchester United. There's ALWAYS talk of him going to United.

Will be an interesting story to follow over the summer.

What ever happens, I am glad I was wrong about Bale's move to Madrid.

Back when he first signed, I was concerned and thought his play would be affected. I thought he would be a small fish in a big pond after being such a big fish at Spurs. He brought his big plays to Spain and did it on such a bigger stage like the Champions League finals where he WON the games for the team.

I look forward to seeing what happens next.

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