Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Thoughts After Seeing The Star Wars Episode VII Teaser Trailer

It has been a few days since the Star Wars Episode VII teaser trailer made its way to the Internet, so it's about time I wrote about my initial thoughts after seeing it.

Well, the first thing I thought was 'Ah, this must be the fan-made trailer'.

Really. That was the the first thing that struck my mind in the first few seconds.

Here's why.

Earlier on Friday, when I was reading about fans preparing themselves for the trailer launch, I saw a link on the website I was on. This link was directing towards a site where I could 'see this fan made teaser trailer'.

I obviously didn't click on it.

Later that day, I saw a Youtube link show up in my Twitter feed. I clicked it and was met with what we all now know to be the teaser.

However, in the first few seconds of the video, there is a quick glimpse of a new droid with a spherical body. As soon as I saw this robot's torso, I assumed it was an Umbro football, which obviously made me think I was watching the fan-made clip.

Alas, I was wrong. I figured it out seconds later when the additional clips came across the screen.

I wasn't surprised that none of the original characters made the first teaser. After all, that's what this was - a teaser.

All in good time.

I am intrigued to see more of the Umbro droid now, though..

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