Monday, November 17, 2014

A Look At The I'm A Celebrity 2014 Line-Up

The new series of I'm a Celebrity started last night and I am hoping to catch up with it later on this morning.

Although not having watched any of it so far, I'm well aware of the names that have entered, so I'll spend this post offering my opinion on them and their chances of winning.

Jimmy Bullard 
Former footballer and is currently the betting favourite. During his playing days, he had a sort of down-to-earth demeanour about him, this should help with the camp and audience.

Craig Charles
Have you noticed the producers have started a trend where they bring in a current soap star? Seeing as Charles is popular among ITV viewers through Coronation Street and his BBC Radio fans (and also his Red Dwarf followers), I am sure he will do well.

Melanie Sykes
Another ITV employee. Will certainly be a hit with the male audience. I think she'll go far, to be fair.

Tinchy Stryder
Not in my bubble, but will appeal to the young voters. I reckon because of that he'll go far.

Gemma Collins
Another 'celebrity' who ITV have an investment in and is the person my £1 bet has been placed. Hey, she was 20/1 and ITV will give her a lot of air-time. Do not be surprised if she becomes the over-reacting, annoying contestant that the fans will constantly ring in to vote on. I read yesterday's news and she already had a panic attack before the helicopter took off to take her to the camp. Will play up to the cameras. She knows how to play the game.

Carl Fogarty
The former motorcyclist could be a dark horse.

Michael Beurk
Reporter and television/radio host will be the 'father' of the camp, I suppose.

Kendra Wilkinson
The Playboy model steps into the role of the 'American'.

Nadia Forde
Have never heard of her, so I'll have to keep watching.

Vicki Michelle
Only thing I know her from is Allo Allo. Think I have seen her in pantomime when I was a child. She is the unlikely winner in the betting. I'm intrigued to see whether she manages to avoid being the first one out.

There's also a rumour that Edwina Currie will be showing up in a few days. Let's hope Ostrich eggs aren't on the menu.

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