Saturday, October 12, 2013

Playing Super 6

My friends and I have been playing in Sky's football predicting competition that runs each Saturday.

Sky Soccer Saturday Super 6, as it is called, sees the contestants guess the correct score in the six games that Sky chooses.

If you get the right result, you win a point. Get the correct score and you win five.

And if you get all six correct scores right, you win...

Thirty points.

Oh, and an extra £250,000.

And if you think that it's impossible to guess six correct scores, ask a man named Ed from Knutsford.

He won it last weekend on his first go.

His first bloody go!

As for me? In ten weeks of play, I've managed to accrue eighty-something points.

Could. Do. Better.

It costs nothing to enter. You can join at

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